Chase App

Chase App a great application created for any type of business (small, medium and enterprise) that will help you to track your Employee’s daily working schedule and Status who are in field work(with mobile). This android application reduce all the difficulties by tracking employee based upon its real-time location, improve visibility between employee and company. Owner/Company/Admin can allot target to employee and also can view their target allotted and achieved target. No Need to call Employee every time to know about their location and their appointment/meetings(with status). Chaseapp save time and effort by giving track to employee through location, attendance, status and meetings.

Key Features

* Employee tracker app
* Employee attendance tracker
* Employee location tracker
* Employee GPS tracker
* View daily appointments
* Track employee target allotted
* Employee time tracker
* View history

Features of Chase App

◆Chase App (Employee tracker) will help you to track employee who are on field, with their real-time location. Employee/user have to check in through daily attendance and their location will automatically picked through GPS.

◆ Chase App help you to track Employee’s daily status of the assigned work.

◆Owner/Company/Admin can track employee’s daily history that include their appointments and attendance.

◆Helps to allocate employee target and view their achieved target.

◆ Meeting details along with their location and time.

◆ Track employee attendance with their check in and checkout (location and time).

◆ Record starting time of meeting and ending time of meeting.

◆ Download and view image(i.e. visiting card or any other important information capture with camera) uploaded by employee as a proof of their meeting.

◆ Track updated status of every appointment.

◆ Chase App helps you to recover the hidden financial losses done by Marketing persons and Smoothening the work flow.

◆ Chase App also provide chat feature to communication between admin and employee’s.