My LifeLine Job App

My LifeLine job search application to search nearby jobs with a single click. It provides best job services for you and your loved ones.

Key features

* Job portal for various Job Solution and job service
* Job search apps & job recruitment
* Online job search app
* Jobs hiring
* Job search on the basis of location
* Find jobs in a single search, find jobs near me
* Free job alert app for all jobs
* Job opportunities & find job vacancies
* Job listing or job posting facility
* More employment opportunities
* Best online job finder, job seeker and recruitment app.

App Features Related to Jobs

Post Job

Through My LifeLine Employer can post job related to any field and also post immigration job .

Search Job

Employee can search job according to their qualification, experience, job id and skills.

View History

My LifeLine provide facility to Employee to view jobs they applied and Employer can view how many employee applied on their jobs.

Apply Job

Employee can also apply job according to country, state and city.